Faculty Research

Associate Professor, Trent Green


  • National Endowment for the Arts – “Our Town” Grant Program, $200,000.00 grant application through the Florida Center for Community Design and Research, October, 2015: Unfunded
  • “Kass Circle Redevelopment Plan” presentation – American Planning Association Florida Annual Meeting, October 2015
  • “Neighborhood – Scale Mixed-Use Development” presentation, Pinellas County Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), May 2016
    • Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission - Planning Commissioner
    • “St. Mary’s Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Master Plan” w/ Albert Skariah, Tampa, 2015


  • “East End Community Vision Plan”; City of Bartow CRA; $20,000.00 grant; community master plan vision, completed February 2014
  • “Ware’s Creek Infill Strategy”, Bradenton, Fl., Cardno/TBE and USF Brownfields Center, $11,000.00 grant, July, 2014
  • “Kass Circle Revitalization Project – Spring Hill”; Hernando County Planning Department;  $20,000.00 grant; commercial area redevelopment plan, completed August 2014
  • “Peter O. Knight Airport Redevelopment Scenarios” (w/ the Florida Center for Community Design and Research), Lindell Properties, terminated October, 2014
  • “Tampa Innovation Zone”, Applied for $93,000.00 grant – was not funded, March, 2014


  • “Westshore Business District Public Realm Master Plan”; Westshore Alliance; completed Summer 2013
  • “East End Community Vision Plan”; City of Bartow CRA; $20,000.00 grant; 80% completed
  • “Kass Circle Revitalization Project”; Hernando County Planning Department;  $20,000.00 grant; 20 % completed
  • “Transit and Community Design”; Surdna Foundation; CUTR w/ Kristine Williams; $ 200,000.00 (unfunded)
  • USF Technology Fee Grant Application (w/ Mark Weston); $88,156.00 (unfunded)
  • Associate Director/Faculty Liaison – USF Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR); identifying interdisciplinary faculty research opportunities; developing multi-disciplinary grant proposals; ongoing research collaboration
  • “The Nexus Between Infrastructure and Transit”; Mineta National Transit Research Consortium/CUTR; Research Team Member
  • Book review: “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Florida Southern College”, Gyure, Dale Allen, University Press of Florida, Gainesville, 2010 (review published in the Journal of Tampa Bay History).


  • “Westshore Business District Public Realm Master Plan”; Westshore Alliance; $62,500.00; 75% completed
  • “Hardee County  Economy Building Strategy – Phase 1” (w/ B. Terry Johnson); Hardee County Chamber of Commerce/ USF FIOG; $20,000.00; 100 % completed
  • “East Main Street/Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard Quadrant Community Vision Plan”: City of Bartow CRA, $ 20,000.00; 10% completed.


  • The Nexus Between Transportation Accessibility and Community Design – The Memphis, TN Case Study; USF Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR); Co-manager w/ Kristine Williams - design research on community design and accessible routes to transit, Mineta Transportation Research Institute, San Jose State University; June, 2014
  • Westshore Master Plan: $62,500.00 (funding secured for 2012)
  • Hardee County  Economy Building Strategy – Phase 1: $20,000.00 (funding secured for 2012)
  • “e-Building History Project: Reading Between the lines of the M. Leo Elliott Architectural Archive”, digital architectural archive of historic architectural documents and interactive on-line information resource; collaborative effort with the Tampa Bay History Center; National Endowment for the Humanities – Digital Humanities Start-up Grant; $50,000.00 (unfunded).

Associate Professor, Michael Halflants


Creative Activities (i.e., professional practice:  Halflants Pichette Studio for Modern Architecture)

  • ·         SEMINOLE RESIDENCE  (Completed. Design/Build Project in Sarasota) | Project Manager / Contractor: John Pichette
  • ·         NAINAR RESIDENCE Anna Maria Island (Nearing Completion. Design/Build Project, Anna Maria) 
  • ·         GUBERMAN-KENNEDY RESIDENCE (Nearing Completion. Design/Build Project in Venice) 
  • ·         RISDON ON 5TH  (Under permitting review)
  • ·         VANGUARD LOFTS (under construction)
  • ·         PHILIPPI CREEK (Nearing Completion. Design/Build Project)
  • ·         CHARRON RESIDENCE (Under Construction)
  • ·         PIANO RESIDENCE (Design Development)
  • ·         LEE RESIDENCE (under permitting review with Longboat Key)

 Professional Recognition

  • ASSOCIATION OF LICENSED ARCHITECTS, GOLD MEDAL | Seminole Residence, National Design Award
  • TAMPA BAY AIA 2015 FIRM OF THE YEAR AWARD | Halflants + Pichette Architects
  • TAMPA BAY AIA 2015 H. DEAN ROWE AWARD | Top Annual Award for the Seminole Residence


Creative Activities (i.e. professional practice)

Served as the lead designer for all 2014 projects for the firm Halflants+Pichette.

  • NAINAR RESIDENCE Anna Maria Island (Currently under construction)
  • SEMINOLE RESIDENCE (Design/Build Project in Sarasota; nearing completion)
    • The tall, thin and narrow main house is oriented east to west. On the entire length of the house, the roof overhangs 16 feet, shading the yard and creating a cooler microclimate. The space under the overhanging roof serves as a verandah mediating the climate. A continuous clerestory runs between the light steel trusses from which a balcony is suspended. The entry is through a smaller court recessed in the south elevation.
    • This is the first Design-Build project for which I serve as the project manager (contractor) through construction.  We are pouring the grade beams. The small site is one lot removed from the Gulf of Mexico. The design takes advantage of two view corridors through the setbacks of neighboring lots. The two wings of the small house are connected by a courtyard and a two story exposed concrete wall extending to the street.
  • BLAIR RESIDENCE (under construction, St Petersburg)
  • VANGUARD LOFTS (under permitting)
    • The six-unit housing project in Sarasota’s Rosemary District is designed to foster social interaction by taking full advantage of a variety of private and shared exterior spaces.
    • Schematic design for a 22 residential units above retail.
    • The plans call for 5 distinctive unit types. Every unit types have lofted ceiling over the living space.
  • PARKS RESIDENCE (Schematic Design)
  • CHARRON RESIDENCE (Under Permitting)
  • PIANO RESIDENCE (Schematic Design)
  • LEE RESIDENCE (80% construction documents)

Professional Recognition 


  • ASSOCIATION OF LICENSED ARCHITECTS – ALA NATIONAL AWARD | Guberman-Kennedy Residence, Award of Merit
  • AIA DESIGN AWARD - TAMPA BAY | Philippi Creek Residence
  • AIA DESIGN AWARD - TAMPA BAY | Vanguard Lofts
    • Invitation to present the firm’s work at an international symposium of architects
    • Invitation to present the firm’s work at the state convention

Assistant Professor, Dr. Levent Kara


Refereed Articles

  • Kara, L. 2016. Representation vs. Ideation in the Architectural Design Process. Athens Journal of Architecture. Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2016. 27-43. [Editorial selection, refereed]
  • Kara, L. 2016. A Comparative Look at the Design Studio in USA and Turkey. International Conference on Quality in Higher Education 2015 Proceedings. 15-18. [Refereed]
  • Kara, L. 2015. Process in Architectural Design Education: A Case Study on How to Conduct A Foundational Studio; The Online Journal of Quality in Higher Education. Volume 2, Issue 4, October 2015. 46-52. [Editorial selection, refereed]

International Paper Presentations

  • " A Comparative Look at the Design Studio in USA and Turkey." Paper presentation at the International Conference on Quality inHigher Education, December 2-4, 2015, Sakarya University, Sakarya, Turkiye. [Refereed]
  • " Representation vs. Ideation in the Architectural Design Process " Paper presentation at the 5th Annual International Conferenceon Architecture, July 6-9, 2015 Athens, Greece. [Refereed]

Commissioned Design Work

  • Arch Bridges Type Study, Turkiye.
    • 42 different types of arch bridges designed for the Turkish General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works. Applications of these 42 types of bridges will be taking place in the next ten years across the country. Additional design work is expected when applications start.
  • Single-span 100 m. Steel superstructure Bridge Design, Turkmenistan.
    • Designed the details of the superstructure in close collaboration with the structural engineers.


Refereed Articles

  • Kara, L. 2015. Process in Architectural Design Education: A Case Study on How to Conduct a Foundational Studio. International Conference on Quality in Higher Education 2014 Proceedings. 327-334. [Refereed]
  • Kara, L. 2014. A Critical Look at the Digital Technologies in Architectural Education: When, Where, and How? Interntional Educational Technologies Conference 2014 Proceedings. 1-5. [Refereed]
  • Kara, L. 2014. Architectural Design in Broader Spectrum of Cultural Experiences: A Case Study for Hermeneutics in the Architectural Education. The Online Journal of New Horizons in Education. V 4:4, 78-85. [Editorial selection, refereed]

Non-Refereed Articles

  • Kara, L. 2014. Not-from-Scratch: The Sweet Moment of Discontinuity. [Invited article for the forthcoming catalogue of Form of Absence - X-rays / Paintings / Reliquaries exhibition by Paul Robinson]

Commissioned Design Work

  • Kuscuburun Rail Station, Izmir, Turkiye
    • 3500 m2 local rail station, design and construction.
    • Client: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
    • Construction Completed
    • Received The American Institute of Architects Tampa Bay Design Awards, Honor Award in 2013

Papers Presented at Professional Conventions

  • "Process in Architectural Design Education: A Case Study on How to Conduct a Foundational Studio." Paper presentation at the International Conference on Quality in Higher Education, December 3-5, 2013, Sakarya University, Sakarya, Turkiye. [Refereed]
  • "A Critical Look at the Digital Technologies in Architectural Education: When, Where, and How?" Paper presentation at the International Educational Technology Conference, September 1-3, 2014, Chicago, USA. [Refereed]
  • "Architectural Drawing as a Performative Act: Representation vs. Ideation" Paper presentation at the 5th Annual International Conferenceon Architecture, July 6-9,Athens, Greece. [Refereed, Accepted]

Professor, Robert M. Macleod



  • 2015     Medal of Honor: Considered the highest award given to an individual from the TB AIA; Tampa Bay AIA
  • 2013     President’s Award of Excellence: Given at the discretion of the current TB AIA President; Tampa Bay AIA


  • “Back to School”; Discussion panel participant; AIA Florida Annual Conference, Palm Beach, FL
  • Paul O. Robinson: Form of Absence
    • Catalogue of works by Paul O. Robinson
    • Co-Published by USF Contemporary Art Museum and USF School of Architecture & Community Design;  Co-edited with Paul Robinson
  • “A Simple X-Ray”: Essay for “Paul O. Robinson: Form of Absence” catalogue
  • “Cities of Memory and Imagination”: SACD Cyprus Studio Catalogue essay; Jan Wampler, critic
  • CuratorPaul Robinson: Form of Absence:  x-rays / paintings / reliquaries Exhibition, USF Contemporary Art Museum 
  • “City Building”: Forward to “Hunton Brady Architects”;  Published by Hunton Brady Architects
  • “Giving Up the Ghost” Curator’s Statement, exhibition brochure, “Paul Robinson: Form of Absence: x-rays / paintings / reliquaries”;  Exhibition at USF Contemporary Art Museum
  • “The Critical Tourist”: Forward to “The Thailand Studio”; University of South Florida SACD, Catalogue of student work; Edited by Jan Wampler, SACD Markborough Professor; Published by USF / SACD
  • “Landing”; Forward to “A New Village in the City”; Quito, Ecuador Reuse of the City Airport; University of South Florida SACD, Catalogue of student work; Edited by Jan Wampler, SACD Markborough Professor; Published by USF / SACD
  • “Craft & Context: SACD at 25”;  Forward to “Craft & Context”; Book of student work; Published by SACD, Ed. Michael Halflants & Robert MacLeod

Assistant Professor, Kristien Ring


Publications and Articles
  • ARTICLE in Publication: “Self Made City: Qualities for Future Urban Living ” by Kristien Ring, English, pp. 28-30, published in “POST CITY: Habitats for the 21st Century” of the ARS ELECTRONICA 2015 Festival for Art, Technology and Society ©2015 Ars Electronica, published by HATJE CANTZ Verlag, Germany 2015, ISBN: 978-3-7757-4021-0
  • BOOK: Co-editor / Author: „Building and Living in Communities: Ideas, Processes, Architecture / Bauen und Wohnen in der Gemeinschaft: Ideen, Prozesse, Architektur“, Annette Becker, Laura Kienbaum, Kristien Ring, Peter Cachola Schmal (Eds. / Hrsg.), 240 Pages, German/English, ©Birkhäuser, Basel 2015, ISBN: 978-3-0356-05259-9
  • BOOK: “URBAN LIVING _Strategies for the Future/Strategien für das Zukünftige Wohnen”, Kristien Ring (Ed., author/ Hrsg.), in collaboration with the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Planning, 264 pages, German/English, ©Jovis 2015, ISBN: 978-3-86859-331-0
  • ARTICLE in Publication: “Baukultur ist … In die Zukunft schauen”, in the publication “Baukultur ist …”, pp. 41-43, written by Kristien Ring, German, print publication by the German Federal Foundation for Baukultur (Ed.), 2015, and online at http://www.bundesstiftungbaukultur. de/stiftung/publikationen/kolumne/die-zukunftschauen# comment-form
  • ARTICLE in Professional Journal: “Urban Living - wohnen für alle? ”, interview with Kristien Ring, der architekt, 3/15, pp. 80-81, written by Editor, German, ©2015 Bund Deutscher Architekten BDA, ISSN:0003-875X
  • ARTICLE in Professional Journal: “Die selbstegemachte Stadt/The Selfmade City”‚ written by Kristien Ring, English/German, in the MakeCity Festival Magazine, June 2015
  • ARTICLE in Professional Journal: “Neues Arbeiten & Wohnen”, written by Kristien Ring, in the AIT, 4/2015 / online: http://www.aitonline. de/events/newsletter/newsletter-archiv/newsletter-4-2015/nl-4-2015- frage-kristien-ring/
  • ARTICLE in Professional Journal: “Neue Tendenzen in Wohnungsbau in Berlin”, written by Kristien Ring, German/English, pp.: 810-812, in ‘DETAIL Architecture Magazine, Wohnen Urban und Gemischt / Urban Housing’, Serie/Series 9 - 2015, Institut für Internationale Architektur Dokumentation GmbH Verlag, ISSN: 0011-9571 B2772
  • ARTICLE in Publication: “Das SPREEFELD, Berlin” by Kristien Ring, German/English, pp: 56-61, published in ‘Deutsches Architektur Jahrbuch / German Architecture Annual 2015-16’, Peter Cachola Schmal, Christina Gräwe, Yorck Förster (Eds. / Hrsg.), 200 Pages, Prestel Verlag München, 2015 ISBN: 978-3-7913-5478-1
  • ARTICLE in Publication: „SELF MADE CITY, Mechanisms of Alternative Urban Development“ in „Ephemere Stadtentwicklung“ Urban Research and Design Laboratory TU-Berlin (Eds.), German/English (10 Pages), 2015 DOM Publishers, written by Kristien Ring
  • ARTICLE in Professional Journal: “Berliner Baugruppen and Their Self-made Qualities” by Kristien Ring, p.28, translated to Czech, published in ERA21 Architectural Magazine of the Czech Republic, #02 2015 Theme: Together, ISSN: 1801-089X.
  • ARTICLE in Publication: “SELF MADE CITY” by Kristien Ring pp.:12-15, English, in “Private City, Berlin/Renes”, by Atelier EAST, Prof. Martin Froelich and Prof. Dr. Anja Froelich, © EPF Lausanne, Swizerland, 250 pages, 2015.
  • ARTICLE in Publication: “Entrepreneur: A new old role for the architect / Unternehmertum: Die neue alte Rolle des Architekten”, by Kristien Ring pp.: 54-58, German/English, published in “Europan 12, Adaptable City” Europan Deutschland (Ed.), 326 pages, 2014, ISBN: 978-3-00-046272-6
Exhibitions (Curator / Exhibition Design)
  • URBAN LIVING Exhibition in Madrid, Spain 
    • October 1 – November 17, 2015, at CAOM Architecture Center, as part of the International Architecture Festival 2015—Exhibition Curator and Exhibition Designer
  • URBAN LIVING Exhibition in Berlin, Germany
    • May 25 – July 4, 2015, at DAZ German Architecture Center, as part of the International Architecture Festival 2015—Exhibition Curator and Exhibition Designer
Presentations and Keynote Lectures / Discussion Participation
  • SYDNEY, Australia 07.12.2015
    • Keynote Lecture at the ‘6th Annual Housing Affordability Summit’ Conference, Informa Australia
  • STUTTGART, Germany 30.11.2015
    • Lecture “From Self Made City to Strategies for Future Urban Living” at the Haus der Architekten with the Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg
  • UTRECHT, Netherlands 15.10.2015
    • Keynote Lecture at the ‘Draw the Line’ Conference of the TU-DELFT Department of Architecture, and workshop with experts and students on urban planning processes. http://www.polistudelft.nl/urbanismweek/ revealed-speakers/
  • MADRID, Spain 1. October 2015
    • Opening Statement as exhibition curator and designer Urban Living at CAOM Architecture Center
  • SHEFFIELD, England 12. September 2015
    • Keynote Lecture at the ‘Architecture and Resilience—On a Human Scale’ Conference, and discussion with Tina Saaby, Cristina Cerulli and Irena Bauman
  • FRANKFURT, Germany 10. September 2015
    • Keynote Lecture at the pre-opening of the ‘Bauen und Wohnen in Gemeinschaft / Collective Building and Living’ exhibition at the Deutsches Architecture Museum DAM
    • Release of the Publication ‘Bauen und Wohnen in Gemeinschaft / Building and Living in Communities’—to accompany the opening of the exhibition at the DAM
  • LINZ, AUSTRIA 06. September 2015
    • Keynote Lecture at the Ars Electronica Festival 2015: ‘POST CITY: Habitats for the 21st Century’, and discussion with Geeta Mehta and Carlo Ratti.

Visiting Research Faculty, Josué Robles Caraballo (SACD & FCCDR)


Selected Publications and Recent Research
  • Collaborative Urban Path: Aberdeen. 2016 •
  • Melrose Mercy: Housing Development. City of St. Pete. 2016 •
  • St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts:  Exploring Public Engagement. 2015 •
  • Re-thinking St. Petersburg 175 + 275: Planning for Development. 2015
  • Contested Urbanism in Dharavi. Writings and projects for the resilient city. London, U.K. 2013 (Worked Featured) Published by: The Bartlett UCL.
  • Challenging the Politics of Vertical Communities Via Collaboration 
    • SummerLab, London. Localizing Legacies. 2014 Published by: The Bartlett UCL.
  • Integration of Vertical Communities
    • SummerLab, London. Localizing Legacies. 2015 Published by: The Bartlett UCL.

Associate Professor, Stan Russell

  • Halverson Residence- A 1200 sf. single story house residence in Odessa Florida.
  • En Vogue boutique- the interior of a 1000 sf wom­en’s clothing boutique in Boca Raton Florida.
  • Silpa Residence- a 2700 sf house in Palmetto Fl. The site is a horse farm in the countryside.
  • Car Barn- An 8000sf warehouse renovation in Tam­pa fl.
  • St. Pete Hostel- 5000 sf adaptive reuse of 2 warehouse buildings in St. Petersburg Fl.
International Workshop
  • Summer 2015 “Tree Housing Durban”
    • In July I was invited to Kanagawa University to conduct a design workshop. Students participated in the “Tree Housing Durban” design competition sponsored by the World Forestry Congress and Held in Durban South Af­rica. 
  • Fall 2015- Collaborated with Kanagawa University Pro­fessors in Yokohama Japan on an urban infill workshop for students of USF and KU.
  • Summer 2015- Collaborated with Giulio Vinci at the Florence University
  • Ybor House commission- A local developer asked me to design two bedroom and 3 br houses that can be constructed on typical lots and double lots in east Ybor.
  • Designing for Free Speech Competition- The pro­gram calls for a pace for free speech somewhere in New York City.
  • Ryterna Modul Housing Competition- The chal­lenge was to design modular campus housing.
  • Nelson Mandela Memorial Competition- The me­morial is designed to reveal itself slowly to visitors.
  • Under The Bridge Competition- The structure swoops down to the site from the north
  • A shelter that blurs the lines between human and nature?- The backwoods cabin of the future blurs the lines between humans and nature with an economical use of materials,
  • 2014 Kanagawa University Symposium
    • “Campus Planning”, Kanagawa, Japan
    • Presentation: “Florida Southern College”; participated in a round table discussion about campus planning with other symposium speakers.
  • Collaborated with Kanagawa University Professors in leading a design competition workshop for students of USF and KU.

Associate Professor in Research, Taryn Sabia (SACD & FCCDR)


Funded Research:  Florida Center for Community Design and Research (grants & contracts)
  • Community Atlas $58,000 (annual contract)
  • MICD: $50,000  (Mayor’s Institute on Community Design)
  • Hillsborough County Downtown Center: $9000
  • Cape Coral Downtown Study: $56,000
  • Oldsmar Downtown Study/Studio: $50,000
  • FDOT: $250,000  (Florida Dept of Transportation)
  • Mini-Homes for Vets: $30,000 (St. Petersburg, FL; on-going)
  • Pinnellas County Waste: $30,000
  • City of St Petersburg Mayoral Fellows Program: $50,000 (3 years)

Associate Professor, Nancy Sanders

  • USF Geoscience Field School, Idaho.
    • Lead designer with Robert MacLeod for Geosciences field school compound in a remote region of Idaho. The program includes meeting hall with classroom and kitchen; student dormitories; faculty cabins; and outdoor pavilion. $14,000
  • Linwood Park Community Gardens, Temple Terrace, Florida.
    • Lead designer for a new park and community garden sponsored by the City of Temple Terrace and the Temple Terrace Community Garden Association. The program includes bikepath, wetland ecosystem, gathering space, community garden plots, and ancillary structures. The design was presented to Temple Terrace City Council and approved for implementation beginning immediately. Groundbreaking is anticipated for May 2016.
  • Girl Scouts Petting Zoo Consultation and Supervisor of SACD student volunteers. Spring 2015. 
    • Design consultant and supervisor of construction for gardens and multiple animal pens meeting safety codes for preschools. The project was built during Summer and Fall of 2015. I supervised the work of girl scouts and SACD student volunteers in building the petting zoo.
  • Sacred Shrines and Rituals in Hong Kong.
    • During 2014, I continued my research on the Hong Kong street shrine and book manuscript on the subject: Street Shrines of Hong Kong: Mapping the Urban Pantheon. On-going.
  • Mapping and Making the Florida Landscape.
    • During 2013, I developed research as the foundation of a new seminar course. I am developing a book and exhibition materials titled Atlas Aquiferous: Mapping and Making the Florida Landscape, co-authored with University of Florida Professor Martin Gundersen. On-going
  • USF Health Morsani College of Medicine Building. Spring/Summer/Fall 2011.
    • The scope of the work includes programming and conceptual design; building plans and sections to the design development stage; promotional models and renderings. The resultant design was used to help secure the largest-ever donation to USF. With the receipt of a $20 million donation, the University of South Florida plans to build the new Morsani College of Medicine Building on a prominent site at the western edge of the campus. $20,000 contract
  • Commencement of construction of CAMLS (Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation). 
    • My design work for this building was completed in 2010 and the building began construction in early 2011 in downtown Tampa. At the $30 million complex, health professionals from across the country will learn advanced surgical techniques using robotics and other medical devices. Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said of this building, “CAMLS is probably the most important development in downtown Tampa in at least 20 years.” (“A Center of Innovation.” Tampa Bay Times. Feb. 9, 2012). $24,000 contract
  • Completion of construction of Byrd Alzheimer’s Center and Research Institute, USF Health.
    • My design work for this center was completed in early 2011 and the construction was completed in late 2011. The scope of the work included development of schematic designs for state of the art “CRISP” facility at the Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute. Program includes lobby, library, classrooms, examinations rooms, PET/CT scan room, and home safety demonstration and research facility; Preparation of renderings and animation for fundraising activities; Programming and research in collaboration with Alzheimer’s professionals. $11,000 contract
  • Suncoast Waldorf School Adventure Playground. 2010-2011.
    • Community Service project to assist the Suncoast Waldorf School (pre-school through 8th grade) in the planning and design of their kinder-yard play space (3-5 year olds) and their Meadow play space (6-13 year olds) incorporating principles of the Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf School philosophies and principles of the “adventure playground” which advocates for hands-on interaction with the environment where children alter their play spaces daily as opposed to the more typical types of play structure that prescribe a particular set usage and limit the role of interpretation and imagination.

Associate Professor, Mark Weston


Community Partnerships
  • 2014-Present LTI Smartglass
  • 2014 ASD Architects
  • 2014 Upward Spiral
Peer-reviewed Publications and Exhibitions

Refereed Articles Published:
  • 2014 Weston, Greenberg, “Voluptuous Devices; Exuberant Materiality Toward Energy Austerity.” Int’l Journal of Architectural Computing
Refereed Articles Accepted for Publication
  • 2014 Weston, Mehta, Freeman, “Tampa Autonomous Drone Analytics,” SIGRADI 2014
Refereed Articles Submitted for Review
  • 2014 Weston, Pollack, Freeman “Les Belles Infidèles: a Game of Telephone” SIGGRAPH 2014
  • 2014 Weston Solar Fish: “Thermokinetic Autonomous Façade” CAADRIA 2014
  • 2014 Weston, “CNC Sponge-Forming and Parametric Slip Casting,” CAADRIA 2014
Grants/Funded Research

Grants Awarded
  • 2013-14 Weston, CoTA Faculty Grant $1,000, Tampa Autonomous Drone Analytics
Grants Applied for
  • 2014 Kohler Industrial Fellowship
  • 2014 SIGGRAPH Gallery
  • 2014 Creative Scholarship Grant
  • 2014 Brunner Grant
Commissioned Public Artwork
  • 2014 Weston, “Solar Fish,” Coconut Creek, Florida (under contract)
Commissioned Private Artwork
  • 2014 Weston, “Bubble Screen,” St. Petersburg, Florida (contract pending)
  • 2014 Weston, “501 Redwall,” St. Petersburg, Florida (contract pending)
Commissioned Architecture
  • 2014 Weston, “Pilot House,” Tampa, Florida (under contract)
Patent Work
  • 2014 Weston, Provisional Patent Application “Invisible Hanging Dot”
  • 2014 Weston, Maurer, Provisional Patent Application “Teething Toy”
In the Media
  • 2014 DiVA Journal of Arts and Sciences Issue 35, Summer Issue

    • The annual award is offered to registered architects 40 years of age or younger. The Garcia Award promotes design excellence through recognition of young architects with talent, passion, and dedication; qualities for which Eduardo Garcia was known for. Eddie Garcia | 1938-1984 "a quiet man of principle, who loved life, who loved people and who loved his profession"...
Solo Exhibitions
  • 2013    Weston, “the COOL °,” USF SACD
  • 2013     Weston, Pollack,  “Translations,” St. Pete Science Fair
  • 2013     Weston, “Water Columns,” Juried Gallery Installation, Siggraph 2013, Anaheim California
  • 2013    Weston, Pollack “Hackshack,” Workshop, Siggraph 2013, Anaheim California
  • 2013    Weston, “the COOL °,” University of South Florida School of Architecture, Tampa FL
  • 2013     Weston, Mehta, Greenberg, Morrison, Galbraith “Plume” Tex-Fab Skin Competition
  • 2013     Weston, Greenberg “Curtains,” CAAD Fabric Competition
Commissioned Public Work
  • 2013     Weston, “Solar Fish,” Coconut Creek, Florida (upcoming)
Peer Reviewed Publications & Exhibitions
  • 2013    Weston, “Water Columns,” Juried Gallery Installation, Siggraph 2013, Anaheim California
  • 2013    Weston, “Water Columns,” Juried Article, Leonardo Journal of Arts and Sciences
  • 2013    Weston, Pollack, “Hackshack,” Workshop, Siggraph 2013, Anaheim California
  • 2013     Weston, “Prime Negatives,” SIGRADI 2013
  • 2013     Weston, “Parametric Slip Casting and Sponge Forming” Board, ACADIA 2013
  • 2013     Weston, Mehta, et al, “Plume” Tex-Fab Skin Competition Board, ACADIA 2013
  • 2013     Weston, Greenberg, “Passive Energy Devices in Ceramics,” eCAADe 2013
  • 2013     Weston, Greenberg, “Sweetgum Panel” Juried Article, Int’l Conf. Proceedings, eCAADe
Conference Presentations, Peer Reviewed
  • 2013    Weston, “Water Columns,” Siggraph 2013, Anaheim California
  • 2013     Weston, “Prime Negatives,” SIGRADI 2013
  • 2013     Weston, “Parametric Slip Casting and Sponge Forming,” ACADIA 2013
  • 2013     Weston, “Passive Energy Devices in Ceramics,” eCAADe 2013
  • 2013     Weston, “Sweetgum Panel” eCAADe 2013
  • 2013     Weston, Pollack, “Tampa to Anaheim Hack-Shack,” Workshop, Siggraph 2013, Anaheim California
Public Lectures
  • 2013    Weston, Pollack, “Hackshack,” Siggraph 2013, Anaheim California
  • 2013     Weston, “Autonomous Screens” CoTA Research Day, Tampa FL
Grants / Funded Research
  • 2013     Weston, CoTA Faculty Grant $1,000
  • 2013     Weston, Provost Summer Grant $5,500
Industrial Research Partnerships
  • 2013-Present     Logical Energy, Clearwater Florida
  • 2013-Present     LTI Smartglass, Pittsfield, MA
Patent Work
  • 2013     Weston, U.S. Utility Patent Application “Solar Tiles and Arrays”
  • 2013     Weston, U.S. Utility Patent App. “Microloop Panels.”
  • 2013     Weston, Provisional Patent “Variable Screens”
  • 2013     Weston, Patent Disclosure “Teething Cup”
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