Trent Green

Trent GreenAssociate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design
Phone: (813) 974-6020

Theodore Trent Green, Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, teaches architectural design and urban/community design studio courses, and seminar courses on housing and community design at the University of South Florida's School of Architecture and Community Design. Professor Green’s areas of research includes urban/community design planning, economic development/community revitalization, housing/residential development strategies and development regulations.

He has developed community revitalization strategies and urban design plans for a number of Florida communities. Professor Green has served as an urban design consultant with URS Corporation South and HDR Planning, and was an advisor on the Tampa Rail Project. His community service record includes membership on the Hillsborough County Affordable Housing Steering Committee, Hillsborough Habitat for Humanity and The Children’s Museum of Tampa boards of directors. Green received the Star of the Month award in July 2008 from the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce and the Kente Award for Community Service in 2005, awarded by the USF President and Department of Community Affairs. His professional work has been recognized by the Central Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association.

Professor Green has published numerous urban design reports that have been adopted as components of redevelopment ordinances in several communities. He has lectured on issues related to downtown and community development, African-American Heritage and the design of affordable housing.

Professor Green earned his Master of Architecture in Urban Design degree from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, his Bachelor in Architecture from Hampton Institute (University) and his Associate of Arts from Polk Community College. He also completed additional studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Real Estate Development.

Research Activity


  • National Endowment for the Arts – “Our Town” Grant Program, $200,000.00 grant application through the Florida Center for Community Design and Research, October, 2015: Unfunded
  • “Kass Circle Redevelopment Plan” presentation – American Planning Association Florida Annual Meeting, October 2015
  • “Neighborhood – Scale Mixed-Use Development” presentation, Pinellas County Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), May 2016
    • Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission - Planning Commissioner
    • “St. Mary’s Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Master Plan” w/ Albert Skariah, Tampa, 2015


  • “East End Community Vision Plan”; City of Bartow CRA; $20,000.00 grant; community master plan vision, completed February 2014
  • “Ware’s Creek Infill Strategy”, Bradenton, Fl., Cardno/TBE and USF Brownfields Center, $11,000.00 grant, July, 2014
  • “Kass Circle Revitalization Project – Spring Hill”; Hernando County Planning Department;  $20,000.00 grant; commercial area redevelopment plan, completed August 2014
  • “Peter O. Knight Airport Redevelopment Scenarios” (w/ the Florida Center for Community Design and Research), Lindell Properties, terminated October, 2014
  • “Tampa Innovation Zone”, Applied for $93,000.00 grant – was not funded, March, 2014


  • “Westshore Business District Public Realm Master Plan”; Westshore Alliance; completed Summer 2013
  • “East End Community Vision Plan”; City of Bartow CRA; $20,000.00 grant; 80% completed
  • “Kass Circle Revitalization Project”; Hernando County Planning Department;  $20,000.00 grant; 20 % completed
  • “Transit and Community Design”; Surdna Foundation; CUTR w/ Kristine Williams; $ 200,000.00 (unfunded)
  • USF Technology Fee Grant Application (w/ Mark Weston); $88,156.00 (unfunded)
  • Associate Director/Faculty Liaison – USF Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR); identifying interdisciplinary faculty research opportunities; developing multi-disciplinary grant proposals; ongoing research collaboration
  • “The Nexus Between Infrastructure and Transit”; Mineta National Transit Research Consortium/CUTR; Research Team Member
  • Book review: “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Florida Southern College”, Gyure, Dale Allen, University Press of Florida, Gainesville, 2010 (review published in the Journal of Tampa Bay History).


  • “Westshore Business District Public Realm Master Plan”; Westshore Alliance; $62,500.00; 75% completed
  • “Hardee County  Economy Building Strategy – Phase 1” (w/ B. Terry Johnson); Hardee County Chamber of Commerce/ USF FIOG; $20,000.00; 100 % completed
  • “East Main Street/Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard Quadrant Community Vision Plan”: City of Bartow CRA, $ 20,000.00; 10% completed.


  • The Nexus Between Transportation Accessibility and Community Design – The Memphis, TN Case Study; USF Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR); Co-manager w/ Kristine Williams - design research on community design and accessible routes to transit, Mineta Transportation Research Institute, San Jose State University; June, 2014
  • Westshore Master Plan: $62,500.00 (funding secured for 2012)
  • Hardee County  Economy Building Strategy – Phase 1: $20,000.00 (funding secured for 2012)
  • “e-Building History Project: Reading Between the lines of the M. Leo Elliott Architectural Archive”, digital architectural archive of historic architectural documents and interactive on-line information resource; collaborative effort with the Tampa Bay History Center; National Endowment for the Humanities – Digital Humanities Start-up Grant; $50,000.00 (unfunded).